Burgers in North Oak Cliff

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Balmoral Bites is back. We have never been particularly good at posting to the blog on a regular basis. Weeks and sometimes months would pass between posts, but this is a record: it has been one year since our last post! And, what a year it has been. Sometimes we feel as if we have lived an entire lifetime in the past year. We moved back to Texas last summer and are now writing from Lawndale Drive in Dallas rather than Balmoral Avenue in Chicago. Scott returned to his alma mater and former employer, the University of North Texas, as the Manager of High Performance Computing. I am now a Gallery Teacher at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art. We settled into Oak Cliff, a community just across the river from downtown Dallas, and began exploring the local restaurants and joined Urban Acres, an organic market with co-op style produce. Even though we were surrounded with an abundance of new blogging opportunities, it began to seem that Balmoral Bites was at its end. It also began to seem that our 15-year relationship was coming to an end. Scott moved out in December and we were separated for 4 months. That may sound brief, but it felt like the longest and most difficult period of our lives. Then, about two months ago, reconciliation began and we are now trying to build a new relationship and start a new journey together. After a little more time and reflection, we hope to share some of our experiences of the past year.

Burger at Smoke

Posted in May 2010, our last entry was written about the burger joint at the end of our block in Chicago, Hamburger Mary’s. We thought it fitting to restart the blog with another burger post, so we set out to find the best burger in North Oak Cliff. Instead of discovering one burger that was the overall best in OC, we found that every restaurant had their own unique approach to a good burger. We started with the EB&D Loaded Up and Truckin’ Burger at Smoke. This burger is served with sharp cheddar, two slices of thick bacon, a farm egg fritter, and the other usual burger fixins. Absolutely delicious. While we aren’t officially naming a winner, this is the burger I would personally go back for again and again. Of everything we tried, this was definitely the most gourmet and the most expensive at $14 for the burger and one side. With one extra salad, though, the burger was plenty of food for the two of us to share. And, as a side note, I also highly recommend their cedar wood infused tequila.

Burger at Eno's

Next, we made our way to Eno’s Pizza Tavern on an unusually chilly Sunday afternoon in April. We decided to split a burger and pizza since their daily special was a hamburger pie with basil, tomato, and ricotta cheese. The Tavern Burger is made with local grass fed beef and served on a toasted bun. It came with the usual burger fixins as well – tomato, white onion, pickle, greens, and mayo. I don’t typically eat mayo, but this was actually good – homemade, I assume – and didn’t take away from my burger experience. Eno’s burger was quite simple, and yet it exceeded all the other burgers with the quality and flavor of meat. The burger is served alone for $6, but chips, soups, and salads are also available as sides.

Local Pie with Hamburger at Eno's

On Cinco de Mayo, we headed to Oddfellows for dinner. No splitting here – it was late and we were starving so we both ordered our own cheeseburger. We had heard that Oddfellow’s burger was better than Eno’s, so we had high hopes that this might be the winner. The Oddfellow’s Cheeseburger was a large (probably 1/2-pound) burger served with a heaping pile of thin-cut french fries for $9.99. The burger did not wow us, but it certainly had a good charbroiled flavor with a crispy crust on the patty.

To finish up our OC burger adventure, we visited Bolsa. We had some delicious cocktails while waiting for our table, but after being seated, we realized they were not serving burgers that evening. Bolsa’s menu changes daily based on the availability of fresh and local ingredients. While we like that approach, we were a little frustrated and disappointed about not getting to add their burger to our blog. Next time I get a craving for a good burger, I may head to Bolsa to give it another try. Or, the Kessler Theater, whose burger just won the Backyard Burger Throwdown at the annual Brew Riot. Or, my very own backyard… Scott and I used to make burgers about once a week, but our grill hasn’t been fired up since we moved back to Texas. So, not only has it been a year since our last blog post, it has also been a year since I enjoyed a burger a la Scott. It may not sound like much, but I really missed those burgers! I guess I didn’t need to go far to find the best burger in OC. So glad my husband is home!



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Hamburger Mary’s Hotel Saint Cecilia

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